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Hướng Dẫn Hướng dẫn/ kích tất cả các wfi đang bắt bằng app wfi kill

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  1. Kiến Thức về mạng Internet

    Hướng Dẫn - Hướng dẫn/ kích tất cả các wfi đang bắt bằng app wfi kill

    Please specify this part of this software, do this software is not legal because the hard premium is already been stones from Google Play. It has effect is the whole of the connection of the wifi connection of the other network connection (called to cancel) for the computer does not connect to wifi again => we quyền hehe.

    Request & application information
    • Support on the Android 2.3 servers support to be up.
    • Request: Root root .
    • Share version: 2.3.2.
    • Dung lượng: 504 KB.
    • Application WifiKill this fee but was patch, use as you miễn phí nhé.
    • WifiKill version 2.3.2 (Android 4.0 trở lên) đã được quảng cáo bởi yeuapk.com - Admin Thanh Trung.
      The version 1.7 (Android 2.3) does not have an existing, still english Anh nhé.
      Thank you have used!
    • Photos Wifi apps Kill English

    • Usage Guide
    • - Bước 1: Mở wifi. Sau đó, chạy Wifi Kill.

      - Bước 2: Allow Root.

      - Bước 3: Nhấn nút Start phía trên màn hình để bắt đầu quét xem ai đang sử dụng Wifi.

      - Bước 4: Đỡ tải ứng dụng out of the wifi connection connections with your own (100%), then and the following machine like, choose it and press Grab (see their trying to try on web site), after then press Kill node (the end of the connection) on the root screen right.

      - Bước 5: Chuẩn bị ăn gạch hehe ^^. Chán rồi click Kill more to convert to disable phá: roll :.

    • Thành quả:
      • Test on myself on your Android breaking your computer, result is 'Could not connect
        Firefox cannot create connection to server at google.com.vn. ”^^. This type, die the coffee access mình: mrgreen :.
      • Out out, this software is used to follow your camera on your web page with the display path on screen (There is being being viewed xxx)
      • Tải xuống WifiKill Pro Tiếng Việt mới nhất cho Android
        Phiên bản 2.3.2 (Android 4.0 trở lên)
      • Tải về :https://admew.com/LoJzcdNp
      • Phiên bản 2.3.2 cho máy đời thấp
      • Tải về : https://admew.com/RSwU
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